Example Problems in Mechanics

This is a developing base of example problems which have links to the appropriate background material.

Distance, velocity and time
Motion equations as polynomials in time, calculus based.
Auto stopping distance
Two train relative velocity

Live formula examples in HyperPhysics
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Live Formula Examples in Mechanics

These are active formula examples in the main core of HyperPhysics where you can plug in numbers and do numerical explorations.

Distance, average velocity and time
Linear motion explorer
Constant acceleration motion
Variable acceleration (calculus)
Newton's 2nd Law F=ma
Newton's law problems
Work with force at angle
Car crash force
Auto stopping distance
Impact speed, falling object
Impact force, falling object
Mass and weight
Rest mass energy
Period, frequency and amplitude
Simple harmonic motion
Frequency, simple harmonic motion
Traveling wave relationship
Simple pendulum
Physical pendulum
Centripetal force
Earth orbit velocity
Moments of inertia
Earth's gravity vs height
Force equilibrium
Equilibrium with torques

Basic vector operations

Components of vectors
Polar form of vectors
Vector addition
Add four vectors
Scalar product
Vector product


Manometer pressure measurement
Static fluid pressure
Buoyancy, Arhimedes
Hydraulic press
Poiseuille's law
Blood flow examples
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