Chapter 6: Sound Waves

What are the basic preconditions for periodic motion?

How is a traveling wave initiated? What are the minimum conditions for producing a traveling wave?

What is sound?

What things must be measured to describe periodic motion? ...traveling waves?

What is the relation between wave velocity, frequency, and wavelength?

Describe and give examples of the four basic wave phenomena:

  • Reflection
  • Interference
  • Refraction
  • Diffraction

What determines the velocity of a traveling wave ?

Does the speed of sound in air depend upon sound pitch? upon sound loudness?

How are "beats" produced? What is a "subjective tone"?

How does sound wave description compare to the description of radio waves?

What is resonance? What is a standing wave?

What are the wavelength conditions for resonance for a stretched string, an open cylindrical air column,a closed cylindrical air column?

Describe the physical properties of the sound which are being detected by the human ear when it perceives pitch, loudness, and quality of sound.

Distinguish between longitutional and transverse waves. Which characterizes sound in air? Under what conditions can both types of waves occur?

General Wave Properties
  • 1. reflection
  • 2. interference
  • 3. refraction
  • 4. diffraction
Characteristics of Audible Sound
  • 1. pitch = frequency
  • 2. loudness related to intensity, sensitivity
  • 3. quality (timbre)

What do you measure when you detect pitch?

How does the human ear detect pitch?

What is the difference between sound intensity and loudness?

What is measured by decibels?

How can the ear mechanism distinquish between vowel sounds?

Georgia QCC, Grade 6 Standards

*Periodic motion
*Traveling waves
*Audible sound
*Description of periodic motion
*Simple harmonic motion
*Wave relationship
*Wave speed
*Speed of sound in air
*Subjective tones
*State Patrol radar
*Heterodyne principle
*AM radio
*FM radio
*Standing waves
*Vibrating string
*Air columns
*Open air column
*Closed air column
*Cavity resonance
*Coke bottle
*Bass reflex speaker
*Longitudinal waves
*Transverse waves
*Mammoth Lakes example
*Sound waves in air
*Place theory
*Sound intensity
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