Chapter 33:Alternating Current Circuits

What is meant by "reactance"? How do you determine the reactance of a capacitor? an inductor?

What form does Ohm's Law take for reactive elements like capacitors and inductors?

How is the phase of the current in a capacitor related to the phase of the voltage across the capacitor?

How is the phase of the current in an inductor related to the phase of the voltage across the inductor?

What is meant by impedance? What is the unit of impedance?

How is the impedance of an RC series circuit determined? an RL circuit?

How do you calculate the impedance of a RLC circuit?

What is meant by resonance of an RLC series circuit? Describe the properties of the circuit at resonance. How is the resonant frequency calculated?

How is power calculated in AC circuits? What is meant by the power factor? Why are rms values of current and voltage used?

Describe the function of a transformer in AC circuits. Show how the primary and secondary currents are calculated.

Why are the outputs of electric power plants elevated to extremely high voltages with transformers for cross- country transmission?

Describe how the 120 volts AC and 240 volts AC are obtained in standard U.S. household wiring.

*Capacitive reactance

*Inductive reactance

*Resistor in AC

*AC Ohm's law

*Capacitor in AC

*Inductor in AC


*RC circuit

*RL circuit

*RLC series circuit

*Series resonance

*AC power

*Power factor

*RMS values

*Ideal transformer

*Transformer calculation

*Household wiring

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