String Instruments and Voice

Describe the fundamental and harmonic resonances of a vibrating string.

What are the physical properties which determine the pitch of a string ?

Describe the "wood resonance" and "air resonance" of a violin.

How is the air resonance of a violin like the resonance of a coke bottle?

Describe the resonances of the human vocal tract.

What is different about different vowel sounds?

What is meant by a vocal formant?

How can you recognize a vowel sound when it is produced at a higher pitch?

What things contribute to the distinguishability of human speech sounds?

*Vibrating string

*String harmonics

*Pitch of a string

*Violin resonances

*Violin air resonance

*String instruments

*Human voice

*Vocal tract resonances

*Vowel sounds

*Vocal formants

*Vowels at different pitches

*Distinguishability of vowels.

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Sound Reproduction

Give an overview of the components in a sound reproduction system.

Describe the tape recording process and the limits on tape quality.

How is sound stored on and played from a compact disc?

Describe AM and FM radio broadcasts and the limitations on fidelity in broadcast sound.

Why are the loudspeakers the limiting element on the fidelity of reproduced sound?

Describe Dolby noise reduction for tape recorded sound.

Describe the Dolby digital sound reproduction system.

*Sound reproduction concepts

*Tape recording

*Compact discs

*Broadcast sound

*AM Radio

*FM Radio

*Loudspeaker basics

*Dolby noise reduction

*Dolby digital

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