Chapter 31: Faraday's Law

What is Faraday's law?

Describe the different kinds of processes which will generate a voltage. Relate each to Faraday's law.

What is Lenz's law?

How does an electric generator work?

What is the difference between a generator and an electric motor?

Express Faraday's law in the form of an integral.

Relate Faraday's law to the action of a dynamic microphone.

How does the pickup on an electric guitar work?

What is a betatron?

*Faraday's law

*Moving magnet

*Moving wire in magnetic field

*Rotating coil in magnetic field

*Lenz's law

*Electric generator

*Electric motor

*Generator-motor pair

*Faraday's law integral

*Dynamic microphone

*Microphone principles

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Chapter 32: Inductance

What is an inductor? How is the inductance related to the physical properties of the coil?

How do you calculate the inductance of a solenoid? ... a toroid?

Use Faraday's law to relate the induced emf across a coil to its inductance.

Describe the buildup of current in an inductor when it is connected to a battery. Describe the decay of current when the battery is removed.

Describe how energy is stored in an inductor which has current flowing in it.

How does the energy density in a coil depend upon the magnetic field?

What is mutual inductance and how does it compare with self-inductance?

What useful tasks can be accomplished by a transformer? What are the limitations on the power output of a transformer?

What is the principle of operation of a metal detector?


*Inductance of a solenoid

*Inductance of a toroid

*Inductive emf

*RL circuit transients

*Energy in inductor

*Energy density

*Mutual inductance

*Coupled coils


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