Chapter 25: Electric Potential

What determines the amount of potential energy a charge possesses in the vicinity of another charge?

What is voltage?

How do you calculate the voltage near a point charge?

What is the significance of the zero point of voltage?

How is the voltage from a collection of point charges calculated?

Describe the significance of an equipotential surface. What can you say about the electric field at such a surface?

Describe the potential of an electric dipole

Calculate the voltage near a line charge. ... near a uniformly charged disc.

How do you calculate the electric field from the voltage?

Describe the voltage inside an isolated charged conductor. Develop an expression for the voltage of a charged conducting sphere.

How is it that a bird can sit on a high voltage transmission line and not be shocked?

How does a Van de Graaff generator achieve such high voltages?

Why is it dangerous to stand under a tree during a thunderstorm? Why is the lightning more likely to strike the tree than flat earth?

Why does the question "How much voltage does it take to be a shock hazard?" not have a straightforward answer? What is the best measure of the severity of a shock?

*Electric potential energy


*Voltage from point charge

*Zero of electric potential

*Voltage from multiple charges

*Equipotential lines

*Electric dipole potential

*Torque on a dipole

*Energy of a dipole

*Potential of line charge

*Potential of disc charge

*Electric field from voltage

*Voltage from electric field

*Voltage inside conductor

*Potential of conducting sphere

*Bird on high voltage wire

*Van deGraaff Generator


*Electric shock

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