Chapters 1 & 2: Measurement and Motion

Hands on: How do you measure mass and density? Does greater mass imply greater density? What quantity determines floating or sinking? Is it true to say that light objects float and heavy objects sink?

What quantities must you measure to describe completely the motion of a ball tossed into the air?

What units are used to specify these quantities?

What are the three most commonly used systems of units?

What are the three fundamental mechanical quantities which form the basis for all mechanical measurement?

What are the prefixes used with powers of ten to denote 1000x and 1/1000?

Georgia QCC, Grade 6 Standards



*Archimedes principle

*Buoyancy concepts

*Volume and density from Archimedes principle

*Measuring motion

*Motion units

*Systems of units

*Mechanical quantities

*Powers of ten

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