These samples of tetrahedrite are displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Tetrahedrite is an sulfide mineral of antimony, copper and iron with the composition (Cu,Fe)12Sb4S13 . This sample is about 14x14 cm and is from Mercedes mine, Huanuco, Peru. Tetrahedrite is mined as an ore of copper. These crystals of tetrahedrite were found lining and underground cavity in the Andes Mountains.

This sample is described as tetrahedrite with chalcopyrite. It is about 15x8 cm and is from Herodsfoot mine, Liskeard, Cornwall, England. You can see two copper ores in this specimen - dark gray crystals of tetrahedrite, topped by brassy crystals of chalcopyrite.

This sample is described as tetradedrite with quartz. This sample is about 5x6 cm and is from Park City, Utah.

The sample at right is tetrahedrite formed with calcite. It is about 6x6 cm and is from Cavnic, Crisana-Maramures, Romania.

A twinned crystal of tetradedtrite. The sample is about 6x4 cm. The name tetrahedrite is derived from the common tetrahedral form of its crystals. Tetradedrite is one extreme of the tennantite-tetrahedrite series

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