This sample of zincite is displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Zincite is an oxide of zinc with manganese and iron. It has the general composition (Zn,Mn,Fe)O. This sample is described as zincite with calcite and is from Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey. The two samples together are about 18 cm wide. Their content is labeled as (Zn,Mn)O.

The red mineral zincite was one of the major zinc ores mined at Franklin-Sterling Hill. This specimen is a magnificent example of zincite in Franklin marble.

This is an extraordinary single crystal of zincite, (Zn,Mn)O, with 12.3 and 20.1 carat zincite gems from Franklin, New Jersey.

This sample is described as zincite with franklinite and sonolite. It is about 11 cm across and is from Franklin, New Jersey.

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