This sample of pyrope is displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Pyrope is a silicate mineral of magnesium and aluminum. It has the composition Mg3Al2(SiO4)3. Structurally, it is a member of the garnet group. The crystal sample above is about 6 cm in diameter and is from Laos. The antique hair ornament of pyrope is from Cechy, Czech Republic.

The mineral name is from the Greek word pyropos, meaning "fiery-eyed", an allusion to its blood-red color.

These pyrope gems are 21.1 and 63.3 carats and are from Tanzania.

These pyrope gems are 33.9 and 74.3 carats and are from Tanzania.

This pyrope gem is 108.7 carats and is from Kenya/Tanzania.

Mindat: Pyrope

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