This sample of lazurite is displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Lazurite is a has the composition (Na,Ca)8[(S,SO4,Cl2)|Al6Si6O24]. The sample above about 30 cm across and is described as lazurite with calcite. The lazurite crystal at left is about 2 cm across.

The largest of these crystals is about 2.5 cm across. All these samples are from Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

This lazurite sample is about 13 cm wide and is from Badakhshan, Afghanistan. It is labeled as being the variety lapis lazuli. Mindat describes lapis lazuli as Lazurite-Calcite-Pyrite rock, suggesting that you might call it a decorative rock rather than strictly being a mineral gem. Lazurite is the blue part of the rock.

This gem is about 2 cm wide and is described as lazurite with pyrite and calcite. It's location of origin is unknown.

Mindat: Lazurite

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