These samples of ferroaxinite are displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Ferroaxinite is assigned the general formula Ca2FeAl2(BO3OH)(SiO3)4. This sample is from Switzerland. The sample size is about 5 cm.

The ferroaxinite gems are 23.6 and 9.3 carats and are from Baja California, Mexico.

The sample at left is about 12x15 cm and is from Toruku mine, Miyazaki, Japan. It is classified as ferro-axinite with danburite. The sample above is about 7x 5 cm and is from Obira mine, Oita, Japan.

This sample at right is ferro-axinite with prehnite. It is about 9x9 cm and is from Riverside, California.

This sample is about 12x10 cm and is from Puiva, Tyumen Oblast, Urals, Russia. It is classified as ferroaxinite with calcite.

This sample is from Vitoriado Conquista, Bahia, Brazil . The sample size is about 5 cm.

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