These samples of diopside are displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Diopside is a silicate mineral of calcium and magnesium with the composition CaMgSi2O6 . The sample at left is about 5x9 cm and is from Outokumpu, Finland. The diopside gem is 1.6 carats. The sample below is about 6x5 cm and is from Kuopio, Outokumpu, Finland. Both are described as chromian diopside.

The diopside sample at far left is about 10x10 cm and is from Bird's Creek, Ontario, Canada. At near left, the 1x8 cm sample is from Magog, Quebec, Canada.

This sample of diopside is from Ala, Piemonte, Italy. The mineral sample is about 7x7 cm and the gem is labeled as 6.9 carats.

The diopside mineral sample is about 3x4 cm and the gem is 8.7 carats. They are from Dekalb, New York.

The diopside gem at right is 19.2 carats and is from Madagascar. The mineral sample and gem at far right are from Russia. The gem is 3.1 carats.

This large diopside sample is about 15x20 cm and is from Odegaard, Bamle, Norway.

These diopside gems are 40.26 and 39.53 carats and are from China.

This is diopside with blue calcite, a characteristic mineral of the cretaceous period in Crestmore, California. It is about 6x6 cm.

This sample of diopside is about 7x8 cm and is described as diopside with calcite.

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