Quantum Questions

Exploration of some quantum ideas

1. Why is it that you cannot simultaneously determine precise values for the position and momentum of an electron (the uncertainty principle)? Is it a matter of a need for better equipment or more cleverly designed experiments? Graphical interpretation of uncertainty principle.

2. Why does the confinement of an electron in a small volume require a high containment energy and therefore a strong force to confine it? How can we be confident that there are no electrons in the nucleus on an ongoing basis? Particle confinement

3. What is the origin of the Pauli exclusion principle? Why donŐt particles with integer spin have to obey it? Pauli exclusion principle

4. What are the applications of the Pauli exclusion principle in nature besides the buildup of the periodic table of the elements? Applications of Pauli principle (Pick a couple of the indicated applications, or divide the applications among the group. )


*Particle wavefunction

*DeBroglie wavelength

*Uncertainty Principle

*Particle confinement

*Pauli exclusion principle

*Fermions and Bosons

*Periodic table building

*Fermi level of solid

*White dwarf

*Neutron star

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