Physics 3901 Laboratory

This is a modern physics laboratory which accompanys the Modern Physics course, Physics 3401. Current practice is to operate the lab on a team basis, with teams assigned to selections from the experiments listed below.

  1. Speed of Light
  2. Sodium and Hydrogen/Deuterium Doublets
  3. Millikan Oil Drop
  4. Grating Spectrograph
  5. Double Slit: Resolution of a Distant Object
  6. Superconductivity
  7. Holography
  8. Franck-Hertz Experiment
  9. Diffraction with Diode Laser
Hologram images for scaling.

Fall 2001 Experiments
Transmission holographyDiffraction spectroscopyFabry-Perot doublet
SuperconductivitySpeed of lightReflection holograms

Fall 2002 Experiments
Fourier TransformDetection of diffraction patternFabry-Perot doublet
SuperconductivitySpeed of lightHologram scaling
Parallax location of holographic image

Fall 2004 Experiments
Speed of lightDetection of diffraction patternFabry-Perot doublet
Hologram Scaling
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