Chapter 34:Electromagnetic Waves

Describe the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum from the radio frequency to x-ray regions.

What kinds of frequencies are used in radio communication?

What is the difference between FM and AM radio?

Describe the kinds of electromagnetic radiation above and below the visible in frequency

Describe the electromagnetic wave in terms of sinusoids.

Show that the sinusoid description is consistent with Maxwell's equations.

How is energy transported by electromagnetic waves? What is the Poynting vector?

What is radiation pressure and how does it arise?

Describe the four fundamental laws of electricity and magnetism.

Describe the implications of:

  • Gauss's law for electricity

  • Gauss's law for magnetism
  • Faraday's law of induction
  • Ampere's law

*Electromagnetic spectrum

*AM radio

*FM radio

*Visible spectrum

*Sensitivity of the eye

*Plane EM wave

*Wave equation from Maxwell

*Poynting vector

*Maxwell's equations

*Gauss' law for electricity

*Gauss' law for magnetism

*Faraday's law

*Ampere's law

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