Chapter 18: The Sun and Stars

Describe the Sun's structure and features.

How does the Sun produce energy?

What are sunspots?

Describe the Sun's path on the celestial sphere.

What coordinates are used to describe a star's position?

How are distances to stars measured?

How is the magnitude of a star measured?

What is the H-R Diagram?

Describe the life cycle of a star like our Sun.

How do the life cycles of more massive stars differ?

What leads to a supernova?

How do the conditions for creating a white dwarf, a neutron star and a black hole differ?

*Solar System

*The Sun

*The Hydrogen Cycle


*Celestial Sphere

*Celestial Coordinates

*Distance Measurement


*H-R Diagram

*Sun Cycle

*Massive Star Cycles

*White Dwarf

*Neutron Star

*Black Hole

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