Generic Syllabus - Physics 2212K
Physics 2212K
Principles of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Light and Modern Physics Course Objectives

Textbook: Serway & Beichner, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 5th Ed. We will cover chapters 23-40 as shown on the class schedule. This is a generic course schedule; the actual calendar schedule will be determined by the instructor.

Prerequisites:Math 2211 and Math 2212 or equivalent.

Laboratory: All labs are held in Room 210 of the Science Center. Manuals must be purchased at the Prinshop, 6 Decatur St. Your lab grqde will be the average of your best 12 lab scores. In order to pass the course you must perform and turn in acceptable write-ups on time for at least ten labs.

Grading: Laboratory is 25% of course grade. Values of all other parts of the course (e.g. exams, quizzes, homework) are determined by the instructor.

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