Chapter 15: Cosmology

What evidence do we have that all parts of the universe are expanding? How is this expansion related to the measurement of distance to remote parts of the universe?

What is the 3K background radiation? What is its significance to the modeling of the formation of the universe?

Why is the relative abundance of hydrogen and helium considered to be such an important part of the modeling of the universe?

What has led to the close cooperation between those who study the very smallest things (quarks, leptons) and those who study the very largest things (galaxies, quasars)?

How did the sun come to be?

What will happen to the sun?

How does the sun process compare with other stars?

Is there really such a thing as a black hole?

How did the heavy elements form?

What is a quasar?

*Expansion of universe

*3K background radiation

*Hydrogen-helium abundance

*First three minutes

*Particle/ cosmology connection

*Star formation

*H-R diagram

*Future of sun

*Astrophysics concepts

*Search for black hole

*Cygnus X-1

*Heavy elements


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