The Animal Kingdom

Though there is great diversity in the animal kingdom, animals can be distinguished from the other kingdoms by a set of characteristics. Though other types of life may share some of these characteristics, the set of characteristics as a whole provide a distinction from the other kingdoms. The set of characteristics provided by Audesirk and Audesirk are:

  1. Animals are multicellular.
  2. Animals are heterotrophic, obtaining their energy by consuming energy-releasing food substances.
  3. Animals typically reproduce sexually.
  4. Animals are made up of cells that do not have cell walls.
  5. Animals are capable of motion in some stage of their lives.
  6. Animals are able to respond quickly to external stimuli as a result of nerve cells, muscle or contractile tissue, or both.
This material is part of a brief overview of the topics studied in biology with the intent to highlight the connections to basic ideas in physics and physical science.

Audesirk & Audesirk
Ch 22
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